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Agenda. This web site is dedicated to perfecting a universal mathematical language for science, extending its applications and promoting it throughout the scientific community. It advocates a universal scientific language grounded in an integrated Geometric and Inferential Calculus.

Geometric Calculus is a mathematical language for expressing and elaborating geometric concepts. Spacetime algebra is an application of this language to model physical space and time. It is the core of a universal language for physics, providing invariant formulations of basic equations and a powerful computational engine for deducing their consequences.

Inferential Calculus integrates deductive and statistical inference into a coherent system for matching scientific models to empirical data. It provides a unified framework for data analysis, image/signaling processing and hypothesis testing from incomplete data. Thus, it supports the semantic bridge between theoretical constructs and empirical realities.

Modeling. Scientists make sense of the real world by constructing models to represent the structure of things and processes within it. Geometric Calculus provides a rich language for the construction and analysis of mathematical models. Inferential Calculus provides a framework for their empirical validation.

This site is devoted primarily to the development of Geometric Calculus with many applications to modeling in physics, mostly the work of David Hestenes. A companion web site on Geometric Algebra is at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. Inferential Calculus and Modeling are treated in greater depth at other sites.

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Overview of GC New: Oersted Medal Lecture on Geometric Algebra in Physics 
Evolution of GC On the Evolution of Geometric Calculus 
Intro to GA Introduction to Geometric Algebra 
Found Math Phys New Foundations for Mathematical Physics
Universal GC Universal Geometric Calculus 
SpaceTime Calc SpaceTime Calculus 
GA in QM Selected Papers on Geometric Algebra in Quantum Mechanics 
GC Gravity Geometric Calculus in Gravity Theory
Comp. Geometry Computational Geometry (New: papers on symmetry in crystals and mechanics.)
Books on GA/GC Books on Geometric Algebra and Geometric Calculus 
Infer Calc Inferential Calculus 
Modeling Modeling. 
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Home Page for info about David Hestenes. He can be contacted at hestenes@asu.edu.

Please report all matters of ambiguous content or mathematical accuracy of the papers and other works directly to hestenes@asu.edu.

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